Last week was kind of a bust as far as training goes. I had planned to cut back a little, but ended up doing far less than I wanted to. Was trying my best to fight off a cold that finally took me down. Icy road conditions also made it tough to get out there. I know...excuses, excuses.

Over the weekend we had a big thaw and I thought I was feeling ok enough to run. I wasn't going to pass up 60+ degree weather. My husband and I had plans to do a longish run and it looked so promising. Unfortunately, things weren't quite as thawed out as they seemed. The trail would be clear for a minute and then you'd suddenly be running through snow the consistency of an Icee. Soaked our feet within minutes. Fun fact - my first job was at an amusement park and I worked at a kiosk that sold Icees. Free Icees all day long! 

We should have know that trail wasn't great when NO bikes were out. Passed a guy pushing a stroller and saw him turn around pretty quickly. His kid probably thought it was awesome! 

We made it 4 miles and decided to head home. 

 A tenth of a mile down and it was all slush. 

On Sunday, I stupidly decided to do another 4 around my neighborhood. It was tough the whole time. When I got home I just felt so wiped. The next day I got up and felt awful. I went to work for about half the day and then came home, laid in bed and started Parenthood. did I wait so long to start this show??? Ugh....I'm in trouble. Totally addicted. Should have know, I heart all things Lauren Graham.

In general, when I get sick, I do the neck test. Do I feel it below my neck (in my chest)? If not, and I feel ok, I run. BUT, I try not to push it. If you don't feel well enough to run. Just don't. Not worth it. There are other days. The sickness will catch up with you.

So no running until today. Feeling more myself and decided to get a run the pouring rain. Oh Ohio.....seriously what's with the manic weather!? (and yes I am aware that running in the rain is probably a little stupid after being sick but it was NOT raining when I started. Basically down poured for a mile and a half).

Put on the jacket I got from the Buckeye Half marathon. Life saver. Totally waterproof. A little big, but eh. Also, the hat. For some reason I HAD to have that hat back in the late 90s. It's an Oscar the Grouch hat that's supposed to be a spoof on the Calvin Klein Logo. I was in college and saw it at the mall and it was one of those items that you regret not getting. Went back and got it. I think I had a thing about sesame street stuff. I carried a cookie monster in my shirt pocket in high school. I was weird....scratch that...AM weird. cool. 

Puddles puddles everywhere.

Note: I wear one earbud in, especially when I run around my neighborhood. Helps me hear traffic and dogs. We have a lot of dogs around our neighborhood and some not so conscientious dog owners.

Playlist today: A lot of Dave Matthews and David Bowie. Random. The chorus on Pretty Things is great while running. And great in general.

So last week's workouts:

Sunday: home at 2 not feeling it
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Elliptical and snow shoveling :p
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: off
Saturday: 4 slushy miles

So...7 miles. Hoping for 18 this week.

Any other Bowie fans out there?
Any Parenthood fans? Other good shows I should see?
What do you do if you have a cold? Run or no run?



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